Our company

Why do we do this ?

Jupor goes with the motto of ‘your beginning, our responsibility’. Our goal at jupor is to provide as much assistance to international students and new immigrants as we can.
The founder of Jupor himself started his journey in this country as an international student and almost all of our team members here at Jupor has been through the same struggle. Our founder was desperately trying to build a system which can help every student to settle with ease. Finding a home or job in Canada is the biggest hustle and sometimes we have nobody to pick us up from airports and taking a taxi is like putting your money in the trash. Various studies shows that Canada is one of the most expensive cities to find accommodation but we have put together a team of professional realtors who help you find the best place for you at the best rate. All of our lives, we have learnt so much from our textbooks but no where we are taught on how to do budgeting or how to handle finances, but don’t worry at Jupor we have it all covered. At Jupor we help you design an amazing resume, we schedule you an interview and we prepare you for the interview so all you have to do is wear your best smile on and show up.