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College Change

Why you need to change college?
  • You have failed on one of the courses or you are not interested in your current course.
  • You completed one year course but you need another year to be eligible for work permit.
  • You want to change your city / province due to personal or professional reasons.
  • Your colleges defers you to a different semester or different campus.

Types of colleges:

Private Colleges Satellite Colleges Mainstream (Public) Colleges
These colleges have a valid DLI number but are private so PGWP will not be issued. These colleges have a valid DLI number and PGWP will be issued as well but they only have classes for 2 days a week and these colleges generally only offer 8-10 courses. These colleges are mainstream public colleges with variety of courses and they usually have daily classes.
Example: BITTS, TriOs, Evergreen etc. Example: Cambrian, Canadore, Loyalist etc. Example: Centennial, Humber, Sheridan etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Yes, according to CIC and ICCRC, you can change your college anytime. But if you are changing into a satellite college, you must have one semester transcripts from your current college but in public college, you can change immediately as long as the course is available,

You can change your field of study or province anytime you want.

Yes, as long as you completed your course form a satellite or public colleges. Private colleges are not eligible for PGWP.

It usually depends on every college bit approximately: for mainstream colleges it takes around 4-6 weeks and for satellite 1-2 weeks.

After receiving offer letter from the college you wish to change to, we can apply for the fees refund.

Contact to require a detailed analysis and assessment of your profile.

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